Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Messi & Barcelona 'awaiting Neymar's arrival'

Barcelona's South America
representative Andre Cury has
openly professed the club's desire
to recruit Santos forward Neymar,
insisting the players are eagerly
awaiting his arrival.
Although both parties have
remained coy on the prospect of a
deal for the Brazil international to
move to Spain, Cury has suggested
it is only a matter of time before
an agreement is reached.
Neymar has assured Santos he will
see out his current contract and
not leave Brazil until after next
year's World Cup, although the
club are attempting to secure his
services on a long-term contract.
Cury told Radio Globo that
Barcelona are "extremely
interested in Neymar" and is
confident the Catalan giants will
make a serious offer in the
"He is top of the wish list for
planned signings and our players
are aware of this," Cury said. "At
Barcelona we do not usually sign
many players, and he is our first
choice. When he decides to leave
Santos, we will be ready.
"But, if possible, we will start
negotiations this summer. Messi,
Xavi and Iniesta are already
awaiting him with open arms."
Cury continued his praise of
Neymar by claiming the 21-year-
old's arrival at the Camp Nou
would relieve Lionel Messi of some
pressure, similar to the
Argentinean's influence after
Brazilian attacker Ronaldinho left
the club in 2008.
"Neymar coming to Barcelona will
put an end to two types of
overdependence: dependence on
Neymar at Santos, as he would
have left, and overdependence on
Messi at Barcelona, as we would
then have another player at his
level," Cury added.
"In two or three years Messi will be
able to pass on the Barcelona
baton to Neymar, just like
Ronaldinho passed it to him, even
if this happened in a way that was
not altogether pleasing to us -
Ronnie left the club and we would
have liked him to have stayed."
Neymar once again responded to
the rumours from the Barcelona
camp, thanking them for their
interest despite stating he is not
yet ready to make a decision on
his future.
"Who is not a fan of Barcelona?"
he told Sport.es . "I'm happy and I
appreciate their affection and
support. Regardless of whatever
team I sign for, I'm one of the
happiest people in the world...
When my family and I are ready,
we will be happy to speak, but for
now I ask for calm."

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