Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Should this manager even consider Chelsea?

The Express has reported that Jose
Mourinho could stay at Real
Madrid for one more year, meaning
that Chelsea will have to wait to
land their ex-manager.
We look at whether Mourinho
should even make the trip back to
Jose Mourinho has repeatedly
stated his desire to return to the
Premier League, and what better
place to go to then a club he
already knows and a fan base that
already loves him.
Leaving under a cloud of
speculation would have hurt the
manager, and he will be keen to
set everything right with Chelsea.
This could be his last chance to do
He has unfinished business with
Chelsea. Winning the Champions
League, something that eluded him
in his spell at Stamford Bridge,
would be his main aim.
The lure of winning the
competition with his beloved
former club could prove too good
to resist.
They say never go back – with
good reason. You only have to
look at what happened with Kevin
Keegan at Newcastle and Kenny
Dalglish at Liverpool to understand
how easily a legend can fall from
Mourinho has never won the
Champions League with Real
Madrid. Assuming that Madrid
don’t win it this year, it will add to
his tally the amount of clubs that
he hasn’t been able to bring
European glory to.
Will his conscience and his ego
allow him to walk away from
Madrid without the biggest prize in
European football.
Roman Abramovich is still pulling
the strings at Chelsea. He is still
making bizarre, big money
signings of players that don’t
deliver the goods. This puts
pressure on the manager, and
creates bad harmony in the
dressing room.
He left under dubious
circumstances the first time, what
makes him think that the
relationship can be repaired, and
that the owner wont invade his
transfer policy once again?

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